There ought to be some sort of screening/psychological testing before a person can create an online social networking account. At the very least, a type of compulsory online tutorial on etiquette and appropriate online behavior as the last step for completing an application.

Impossible and—to be blunt—very trivial and useless, I know.

But a few days ago I experienced an unpleasant surprise when a contact decided to play cute and used my wall post (and me, in effect)  in Facebook to get some kind of attention to himself.

I believe in healthy debates. You have to be an idiot to post something, be it an opinion, article or pretty much anything else that can be copy+pasted into your page—and expect everyone to agree with it. I have had a few disagreements with some contacts in the past, mostly over controversial topics that can truly polarize the general population but there was always a modicum of mutual respect and civility. No one resorted to name-calling or rudeness just to get his message across.

And so it still came as a shock, no matter how familiar I was with the person’s known obnoxiousness, to see his comment on something I have posted a few days ago, to read like this: “Who cares?”


For a second I thought I posted the said article in his page/wall instead of mine by mistake. Because had that been the case, the guy was within his rights to complain. Who am I to impose something like that or force anyone to read it in the first place?

It was my wall. And it did not help that I was already having a bad day by being called out twice earlier by the guard on duty at work on the manner I wore my ID (This deserves an entirely new post).

Of course you can always argue that it would always be easier to ignore it, or probably even delete it. I also considered that, being an adult and being pressured by society to act the age accordingly. But there’s always the feeling that someone got the better of you. Or giving the person a mistaken notion that what he did to you now can always be repeated in the future–no doubt because of your non-reaction to it.

So I engaged. Not something to really brag about but it really felt good putting all those sentiments in writing in full view of the same crowd that probably saw the first comment, anyway.  The guy even resorted to lame excuses like calling me out on a debt via ‘commenting’; and complaining about being ‘crucified’ for something he himself had started. Even went to some half-assed argument that had he posted something ‘appropriate’, all he’d get would be sarcasm or any other types of kiss-offs that probably won’t come because I am not predisposed to commenting on most comments anyway. As if I obligated him to comment on anything.

I always see trash posts. But I do not have the audacity nor the right to tell the person who posted it that it’s garbage. I do that, I’m the one with the problem. Either set the news feed to block any updates on said person, or the easiest and common-sensical thing to do: ignore it.

It still comes as a tremendous surprise on how people can be so intelligent and well-informed to the point of being experts nearly on anything but still come across as sorely lacking on some basic etiquette and courtesy.

The person obviously has a problem with my posts. And he can’t seem to help himself so I helped him by deleting him from the contacts.

No more annoying posts, guaranteed.

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