Ispokening 3

The issue on the uses and significance of languages in the Philippines is as strong as ever.

In many ways you have got to thank James Soriano for sparking a nationwide discussion about it in the first place. 

Never has reactions about a seemingly trivial thing that almost everybody take for granted has generated so much public opprobrium and vicious online lynching that can probably make even the strongest member of our society flinch. Next to the RH Bill debate (and religion incidentally), discussions regarding national identity in the form of the written and spoken medium in this country are met with the same unyielding and fiery resolve of Old Testament proportions.

The comments below are kinder and more forgiving compared to the initial reactions (some even threatened to kill the guy) posted on social networking sites several weeks ago. But this has been the overwhelming reception to the man’s work.

Ever heard of James Soriano bashing Filipino language? – Language, learning, identity,…
September 22, 2011
have you heard about James Soriano – an ignorant and arrogant english speaking elitist?
September 22, 2011
JAMES SORIANO – E ano ngyong kung pa ingles ka ingles ka? Bkt dka 2mra sa states para dun ka mag malaki. ikw naman ang pipntasan dun!
September 22, 2011

Shortly after that, the author published an article written entirely in Filipino (or Tagalog) defending himself that what he did was a satire of sorts—that all he did was superimpose his observations and rub it on the reader’s nose. Confirming most columnists and notable bloggers’ suspicions about the piece not being an attack on Filipino, but on the institutions that produced people with a skewed view of both languages, notably the education system which he ‘thanked’ on his previous article.

Wika bilang gunita | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

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Less than a week ago, Sen. Lito Lapid caused a minor controversy in the senate when he declared he was hesitant to engage senators Cayetano and Santiago in a debate regarding the equally controversial RH Bill.

The former stuntman emphsized his shortcomings, specifically his low educational attainment as major hindrances preventing him to participate in any meaningful senate discussions because his command of the English language was poor.

Re Lito Laid’s complaint over use of English in Senate debates: Is it just me or James Soriano was right all along?
September 22, 2011

In a lot of ways, Soriano’s observations and Lapid’s actions merely reiterate what most Pinoys have known all along, but refuse to openly discuss and resolve. That English is given a lot more premium in most—if not all—institutions than Filipino. That English speakers are held in higher esteem in this country than those who have difficulty speaking it. And that it has become the medium for certain transactions that using Filipino in its place becomes uncomfortable.

The comments below merely represent a small fraction of the modern Filipino society and its views on language. Clearly, there is a great divide that is not even confined between English and Filipino but perceptions on other local dialects and regional cultures. It will take a very long time to agree on things, but merely talking about it, at least, is a marked improvement.

debating the importance of the filipino language.
September 27, 2011
Kun si Lapid ya nagtatagalog,ako ma Hiligaynon,kay indi man tagalog ang National Language..Filipino(Tagalog,Hiligaynon,Cebuano etc.) Haha
September 26, 2011
finally got to change my facebook’s language to English. whew, Filipino FB was starting to get to my last nerve
September 27, 2011
Dear fellow Pinoys, our national language is Filipino. Tagalog is a dialect, not a language. Please know the difference. Sincerely, Me.
September 26, 2011
@Majd115 ah,.me..i use our language Filipino.. :)) I just use english in tweeting and in school coz we have an english speaking campaign 🙂
September 26, 2011
Is there a possible way to change the language of my Blogger account? It’s Filipino, and I want ENGLISH! #blogger #blogspot
September 27, 2011
aahha I just LOL when I watch the ep 1 @siwon407 because I heard Filipino language there proud to be Filipino kamsa oppa
September 27, 2011
what is the language of the Philippines? Tagalog? or is it "FILIPINO" like Google Translate says it is? that’s GOTTA be wrong #p2 #tagalog
September 27, 2011
Wala bang english language sa Google+? Filipino kasi ung nsa akin. haha 🙂 add me to your circle of friends "leonard ray alejo" :)) thanks
September 27, 2011
@mtrlstc you’re so wrong dude. Filipino is the National language of the Philippines and Tagalog is a dialect! 100 percent sure!
September 27, 2011
Tbh Filipino might be the national language but I would choose Cebuano any day
September 27, 2011
im watching 1st episode of Poseidon and proud that a filipino language are there.. "Kapitan may barkong paparating sa ating likuran"
September 26, 2011
what is the language of the Philippines? Tagalog? or is it "FILIPINO" like Google Translate says it is? that’s GOTTA be wrong #p2 #tagalog
September 27, 2011
@livinglanguage In the Philippines, students are required to study at least 3 languages: Filipino, English and another foreign language.
September 26, 2011
September 27, 2011

One thought on “Ispokening 3

  1. sa pag intindi ko “filipino” is just a label sa national language, which is based primarily on tagalog. kundi and language tagalog eh. una ya na develop ang tagalog kaysa “pilipino”

    ambot kung chakto pag intindi ko ah.

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