1. The thing about social networks and the very nature of creating your identity in the web is that you can be whoever you want to be. And chances are people will immediately grab or believe it on face value. A little over 22 hours ago in light of the earthquake and aftershocks felt in various areas of the Visayas, a seemingly innocuous comment from an obvious troll in the Yahoo Philippines page reporting about the disaster, struck a nerve with most people. Specially denizens of the Visayas region.

    The knee-jerk reaction to it was so sudden and severe that the person in question-Ahcee Flores-became a top trending topic of Twitter in the Philippines for the past 24 hours. As expected, the reactions were all but magnanimous.
  2. The comments section on the site above is enough to make a 20-year serviceman proud of the exchange of profanities and promises of physical and divine pain inflicted to her and the rest of the commenters who decided to join the fray. On Twitter, netizens descended upon the @Ahcee_Flores account like swarms of angry wasps spewing forth the vilest and most unprintable curses ever thrown to a willing participant with extreme prejudice. That the person in question was actually responding to the attacks prompted more participants to contribute to the persecution making her one of top trending topics in the Philippines.
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    If Twitter is a gun, that Ahcee Flores is now a rotten meat. #PrayforVisayas #RIPAhceeFlores
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    Ahcee Flores, I just checked your account. Please fix your grammar first, then let’s talk about freedom of expression.
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    @japsuey @ahcee_flores she doesn’t and won’t even have one!She’s poorer than a rat! She can’t afford it! Like, look at her face! #pathetic
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    @AHCEE_FLORES boba ka pala. Im using my ipad! Kaya mobile naka appear! Di mo alam un? Ignoy ka kasi. Bka ngayon ka lang nakatikim ng iphone.
  11. Responses from @Ahcee_Flores:
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    Yes! Im not trending anymore! Thanks to twitter!
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    @yannxie oh really? talk to yourself!
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    Sure Bri! Help kita. RT @bridomingo Ahceebabes! Nice! trending pa rin huh! Tulungan mo rin ako mgtrend. Let’s trend #Followmebrido Please RT
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    @callmeDaniboi @iampaoloovejera so kung may iPad kayo? i have my iPhone naman. Mas mahal pa yun.
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    Dont bash my friend @bridomingo He’s a good friend of mine. So what if he agreed on me. Buti pa siya marunong umintindi ng #respect
  18. Some Facebook pages even advocated physical violence against the ‘person’. “KILL AHCEE FLORES MOVEMENT” & “RIP AHCEE FLORES” are some of the leading pages that gained a large number of followers at a very short time.

    In a lot of ways this is enough to make one think about a few things about this entire charade. 
    One is that the person in question must be someone with a lot of guts—achieving social media recognition via shock tactics and notoriety—or someone abysmally stupid to make enemies out of a certain ethnic group whose members are scattered around the country. 
    And second, is that the identity of ‘Ahcee Flores’ seem dubious at best. 
  19. In the age of social networking sites and self-reinvention via a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard, who’s to say this is not some person’s (or group) way of getting his (or their) kicks? Or maybe a social experiment on how reactive and volatile Pinoys really are. All you need is a healthy imagination, bogus email accounts, some poor schmuck’s photo and another’s identity and you’d have created a perfect facsimile of the Frankenstein monster, version 9.0.

    The photo and ‘real name’ of the culprit may well be of innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.
    Or not.
    Looking at the Twitter account dating back as early as December and looking at the tone of the conversations she had back then make it seem like a single person is really using the account. And 3000 tweets is a strong enough testament about the account’s validity and existence before the controversy happened. But then the wonders of the internet can make something that looks impossible seem like a minor triviality to those who know what they’re doing.  
    But the most glaring aspect of all this is the overwhelming reaction of people to an obvious troll who would like nothing but provoke everyone with the hopes of making a small dent in the social media sphere. This is a time where people’s existence is defined by how many friends and followers they have in the web. Where reactions to whatever you post, updated, or said become the tokens of appreciation of how your virtual self is measured.
    Good or bad publicity is still publicity.  As what the person(s) in question below, tweeted.
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  21. And that’s the truth. Apparently in an environment where everyone wants to be heard or seen, defeating trolling via indifference is next to impossible.

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