23 October, 07:05 PM

There’s a silver lining somewhere.

As one looks out from the window into the lengthening shadows made by the rapidly receding rays of dusk’s sunset, a gentle breeze blows from the West. Faint echoes of the traffic’s cacophony can be heard from a distance. The playful voices of children outside, much closer and drowning out the mechanical drones far away is more pleasant; punctuated by the occasional yells of the adult guardians a bit overprotective of their wards.

And like clockwork, as dusk gives way to twilight, radio programming in FM stations around the country plays the staple beerhouse classics evident in most PUVs equipped with audio system inside their metal casings. A pedicab drives by at the end of the street, going North playing loud music that is as fleeting as the magnificent sunset seen over the horizon.

As the fading rays touched the highest pinnacle of the tallest roof and disappeared, the music from the rapidly departing vehicle grows all the more fainter until it’s only a muffled murmur far away. It was ‘Africa’, by Toto.

Amid the sounds of grating gates as people prepare for nightfall, nocturnal insects buzz heralding the end of another day.

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