That ‘amalayer’ thing


A bit of a revelation on reactions the past week whenever one raises the issue of better civil services in a nation full of apathetic and fatalistic people.

Specifically on complaints about MRT services that were thrust into the spotlight because of a viral video showing a young woman throwing a temper tantrum in another metro line in the city.

Most online writers as well as those writing for popular media did not dwell on the video’s content but on its implications pertaining to the kind of service the metro transits have that seem to produce commuters and even guards who are highly strung because of unnecessary stress.

I have posted these observations online with hopes of contacts spreading such observations around social media reaching as many people as possible but apparently the population (Facebook and Twitter that is) is still stuck with the #AMALAYER issue. Still on the events around the video and not on the conditions that may have led to the contents of it.

But the thing is, mini temper flareups have been happening within the train systems for some time now. I should know because I’m a regular commuter of the EDSA line once again after a very long time. And just because they weren’t recorded do not make them any less alarming than the AMALAYER one. Eruption of physical fights among irate passengers are not even that big of a deal to the hardened commuter anymore.

And yet most online denizens still go about it the way incompetent administrators exactly want their victims to behave: Just grin and bear it. After all, we should be thankful of what we have. Or, you could take another form of transport if the service really is that dreadful. And the ever-dependable “Mag-taxi ka” or “Bumili ka ng kotse“.

And that no amount of complaints will change it. No use in shaking your fists with indignation to the skies.

Another line of thinking says other places have it worse with their train systems and yet they can still smile and tolerate it. So people should not complain of the MRT/LRT services.

It’s like your landlord’s friend telling you to just bear with the bed bug infestation in your rented room. After all, the neighbors are in a much worse situation being lepers and psoriasis patients but they smile a lot. So who are you to complain. That’s exactly the problem. We don’t complain. Even when human rights and even divine rights are trampled, we’re still too embarrassed to complain.

And those who do are crucified and humiliated for breaking out of the mold. I am complaining because I see it in the faces of other co-passengers everyday. It’s not like I’m the only one who utters an exasperated sigh when ten trains have already passed without picking up passengers until the entire station resembles those Nazi gas chambers where they rounded up the Jews. When that happens, the pushing and shoving don’t even recognize the elderly and disabled anymore. Everyone turns momentarily into self-serving assholes. But like they said, other places have it worse.

Next time you get hair in your food, don’t complain. “Pagpag” eaters have it worse and they’re not complaining. Complaint is there for a reason. It’s not a crime. Or being whiny. It’s about giving what’s due to you as a paying customer. And, more importantly, as a taxpayer.

It’s your right. Use it. Or, at the very least, shut up when others are doing it for you.

2 thoughts on “That ‘amalayer’ thing

  1. This one is a GEM!

    “Next time you get hair in your food, don’t complain. “Pagpag” eaters have it worse and they’re not complaining”

    And may I add, “People in AFRICA are starving, so don’t complain if you find a cockroach in your soda!”

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