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Just when you thought office controversies ended with news about an employee’s apparent suicide, along comes another one involving workplace relationships, promiscuity, and social media.

Not that this thing is anything new in an office environment. But as with anything being posted in someone’s Facebook wall or other social media platforms, news—or gossip—travels at the speed of light. Suddenly even someone who’s clueless or cannot be bothered about other people’s lives is made aware of the dirty details of the laundry being hung out for the entire world to see.

All it takes is a pat on the back or a click at some dubious link someone electronically sent you and the rest is history.


I wouldn’t be surprised if I show up at work later and the entire organization already knows the names of the key players involved in the little online skirmish.

This is what happens when personal issues are carried over to the online medium. On one side you have the “aggrieved” party utilizing Facebook as a tool to upgrade the ages-old practice of Pinoys called parinig that gradually escalated into name-dropping, to downright insults, to slanderous testimonies.

It’s the type of activity that makes the popular pacifist slogan about having only losers in a war’s outcome very apt. Emphasis on the term losers.

We live in a world now where people issue online statements like they’re celebrities with a legion of gossip-hungry vultures to feed.

These are times where it’s an impossibility for the average person to kill the compulsion of oversharing and keep things for themselves. Especially personal issues that should be discussed in private with the people involved.

Where the only logical and sensible way to respond with dignity and grace is to work out the issue in the proper forum and shut up when the compulsion to shout is at its most tempting.

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