A facepalm week of Pinoy participation to recent international issues

Still a bit groggy from my daytime sleep because of the graveyard shift at the office, I was in the process of slathering thick amounts of cheese spread on the bread I was about to wolf down with a cup of strong coffee when news from the local TV reported about a Filipino flight attendant of a Cebu Pacific plane bound for China was accused of theft by several Chinese passengers. First thing that came to mind was that maybe these were the sorts of Pinoys who can’t take China’s strong-arming of our naval and land territories sitting down; that they needed to exact some sort of revenge to China’s citizens in one way or another because of some extreme form of patriotism. And making a little profit too, while they’re at it.

But as soon as I dismissed that thought as nothing but mindless musings due to drowsiness it occurred to me that that incident, once again, put our citizens and country in a bad light. Having been a guest abroad and seen the abysmal manners that fellow Pinoys exhibited in our host country left a lasting impression in my mind that made me hypercritical of our behavior towards the rest of the world.

homer_moronAs if on cue, the Maria Ozawa story came up just as I logged in to the web to check the details of the theft. Apparently the quintessential Pinoy netizens blamed the former porn star as the major cause of Mariel Rodriguez’s miscarriage—wife of her recently resigned co-star Robin Padilla who she criticized as unprofessional prior to the miscarriage incident. It’s very unfortunate when a group of cretins with access to unlimited communication capabilities become a lynch mob and gang up on some unsuspecting guest of the country trying to do a little business and making valid criticisms on her perceived professionalism of a co-worker. To be fair, some people came to her defense, apologized on our behalf, and hurled similar insults to the attackers.

And just a few hours ago a chemical explosion in Tianjin China that left at least 50 confirmed casualties had a large portion of our population cheering it like the second coming of Christ. Evil China got what it deserved. Hallelujah. Never mind if those who died were probably against their government’s stance on the Philippine issue anyway. And even if they were not, since when the hell was it ever okay to rejoice people’s deaths? I might even let it slide a bit had it been Chinese infantrymen, but not on a predominantly civilian population.

All of that in just a span of 72 hours.

We may want to check our knee-jerk reactions to these types of issues specially in front of the international community. We’re already pathetically laughable enough as it is compared to most our Asian neighbors .

No need to belabor the obvious and accelerate our further slide down the spiral.

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