A close friend and I had been having a good laugh lately. All because of another friend’s coining of the term ‘presence’ from an interesting conversation she had a while back.

The conversation:

Woman 1: Isn’t it that when you get married, your husband’s supposed to give you EVERYTHING your parents were not able to?

Woman 2: Uh…yeah? Just out of curiousity, what will you give your husband in return?

Woman 1: My presence.

‘Facepalm’ is too mild a reaction for that. And the thing about that is, it was a real conversation.

Her presence. Not since Princess Leia  had we encountered a more appropriate candidate for the monicker Han Solo unceremoniously bestowed upon her: Your worship. Whoever the lucky schmuck that catches Ms Presence’s attention is one lucky SOB indeed. To be in the presence of such awesomeness 24/7 would probably be the height of his pathetic existence.

That practically sums up the delusion a growing number of women have these days about being treated like goddam princesses without some sort of reciprocity in the relationship. Most actually prowl on the hunt to sniff out prospective mates with no intent to establish a partnership or a relationship on equal footing and respect. It’s either a prospective slave or a surrogate father who’ll spoil her again like her own father did.

Sense of entitlement by virtue of, well, them being women in the equation. And to these people, women in a marriage deserve nothing less than the best effort of their husbands. A reasonable expectation, of course. One does not go into marriage expecting their partners to simply just bum around and not expect any effort to maintain a harmonious partnership. But as we can see with the above expectations and response coming from the velocirap—er, woman, the work seem to be unfavorably skewed more towards the man. Seems gender roles and expectations are as questionable as the kind of ‘online activism’ and quality of thinking people around seem to suffer these days.


It doesn’t help that memes are going around social media sites reinforcing this moronic style of “women empowerment” lapped up by equally moronic men and women. Since when did this bullshit “princess” crap become the norm in traditional male-female bonding anyway?

While it’s understood there’s a need for so-called empowerment of women by virtue of the many abuses they have suffered from men, the double-standard for rights  in this type of discussion is still prevalent. Especially in some cases where men are the victims. It just doesn’t happen, see? Whenever the issue of abuse surfaces in the context of a male-female relationship, the usual suspect by default is the man. Because it’s just impossible for a woman to cause utter havoc and devastation in a relationship. So, in comes the women rights groups, the empowerment groups and the you-are-a-princess groups that only reinforces the standard and serve as attack dogs for these psychopaths everytime things don’t go according to plan.

They keep complaining chivalry is dead.  No it’s not. Most likely just a bit fed up with the overbloated self-importance of ungrateful twats who can’t even manage a ‘thank you’ or a nod of acknowledgment whenever some guy decides to give his seat to them or an activity of similar capacity. You do not demand ‘chivalrous’ gestures. You earn it. Your gender does not give you special privileges in normal settings, and gratitude cuts across gender roles and expectations.

It's moronic one-sided slogans like this that creates a wrong message to any idiot who happen to see it in social media.
It’s moronic one-sided slogans like this that creates a wrong message to any idiot who happens to see it in social media.

It takes two to Tango, ladies. You wanna be treated like royalty? Then treat your partner like kings or, at the very least, as equals in creating and maintaining a good working relationship.

It’s that simple.

2 thoughts on “‘Presence’

  1. Hi! I enjoy reading your work, as always. 🙂 This piece is particularly important, as I was, for a time, under the impression that women were entitled to being treated like princesses by their men. It is easy to be fooled by these silly “quotables” that are floating around. Anyway, that ended badly, and I’m now hopefully a better person, who won’t have anymore of it.

    1. Coming from you, that means a lot. Thank you! =) I have had relationships like that in the past so I decided to write about it just to get it out of my system. Anyway not all women are like that haha! And I’m pretty sure you’re not one of these amusing predatory characters.=)

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