The Pinoy bane of focusing on the wrong arguments

Try and go see a band’s music video in Youtube.

Let’s use Metallica as an example; just type in ‘Metallica’ in the search bar and you’ll immediately see a lot of dropdown suggestions to check out. Choose one (preferably an actual live or studio video instead of those audio-only tracks). Now go scroll down the comments section and see if any other band aside from the one you are watching is mentioned in the discussion. Chances are you’ll see an argument peppered with keywords like ‘Megadeth’, ‘Dave Mustaine’, and ‘ who’s better’.

Of course there are no rules that explicitly state what a person’s comment should contain in most internet sites, especially Youtube, although media organizations have stricter policies regarding that feature to prevent noise and unnecessary deviation from the topics they print. It also acts as a guide and deterrent to avoid people digressing from the discussion and causing conversations to spiral out of control.

If there’s one aspect of the internet that is both noble and abominable at the same time, it is the democratization of the platform that allows the smartest to the dumbest members of the planet to share their thoughts. But apparently, free for all forums like Youtube seem to have an effect that turns even the smartest person in the room into a raving buffoon by engaging bored people in trolling matches.

Mostly on topics that has nothing to do with the posted material in the first place.


As with the Metallica example, while it is widely-known that Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine was once a member, moronic arguments on SUBJECTIVE matters like who is the better musician/s still exist to this day on either of these bands’ respective channels.

Arguing over the most vacuous of “issues” is the norm these days.

Just like what most people (and even big media) in the Philippines are doing with respect to the recent issue hounding Mar Roxas on whether he actually attended and graduated from Wharton or not.

Assuming he did: So what?

Assuming he did not: So what?

As if having attended prestigious schools can erase the monumental gaffes he did as the errand boy and echochamber of BS Aquino, another underachieving brat whose only real measureable competence in taking over the seat as a commander in chief is by the death of his mother and the ‘Noynoy is Aragorn’ slogan of his most rabid propagandists.

A simple ‘So what?’ could at least shed a bit of intelligent perspective to discard useless information so the discussion could move on to things that does not insult the intelligence. But given the intellectual bankruptcy that grips the majority of the Philippine population, aspiring for intelligent discussions on things of substance is next to impossible.

That is why it’s not totally confounding as to why “respectable” Philippine media outfits are covering and even flaming the type of retarded political moronisms like the Roxas-Duterte clash with such zeal and aplomb that will make hardened first-world tabloid journalism disciples like The National Enquirer blush.

Garbage in, garbage out.

If the masses like shit, that’s what we give them.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the circus and charade that passes for ‘campaign period’ in the Philippines, the upper-class oligarchs are giving each other high-fives and self-congratulatory pats on each other’s backs for another dumbing-down-of-the-masses job well done.

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