I’m sure that colossal error committed by Steve Harvey was pretty much a career-ender. Or at best, a major cause for lesser gigs in the future. One simply does not get out unscathed from a major blunder like that, especially if that screw-up was seen live by the whole world.

Not to mention the trauma and embarrassment inflicted on the candidates involved. There’s just no amount of apologies that can un-make the humiliation of having to strut around feeling like a queen only to be told that you’re a loser a few seconds after that initial high. You’ll go through life either as an object of pity or as a known inspiration of new idioms and colloquialisms derived from what happened to you.


Apparently that one single error caused an avalanche of new controversies altogether: The supposed dismissive remarks of another candidate against the real winner because they didn’t vote for her and the mutual mudslinging of both contestants’ moronic fans simply because one part cannot accept the loss and the other one gloating, instead of being more understanding about it.

In a way the title ‘Ms. Universe’ is very apt. This is one time where humans have never been more alien in relating to each other.

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