The only road

I guess I can safely assess that I have always been sheltered. As embarassed as I am confessing that, sometimes there are realities that we need to confront in order for us to move forward. There has not been a shortage of well-meaning caution I did not heed whenever some bright, impulsive idea presented itself in my gut rather than my head. How many times have I heard that quintessential “think about it long and hard” that’s actually a veiled discouragement or another method in saying “don’t do it”. And all of these feedback came from well-meaning people within the small group I move around with. People whose opinions and experiences I hold in high esteem; so when they say their piece about something, especially disparaging remarks about a high-risk proposal I blurted out, I tend to give weight to their opinions no matter how opposed they are to my proposition. These are, after all, people who’s been around and had more experiences than I did.

But then there’s that nagging gut feel. The kind that whispers it’s now or never in annoying repeat play mode like an itch you can never scratch until you satisfy its demands. That maybe, despite the overwhelming risks involved, it’s still worth the gamble. If only to learn something along the way that you have executed the process. That maybe, it’s a prerequisite that everyone needs to know how it is to experience massive failures in order to handle massive wins. That that “safe” and secure existence you’re complaining about isn’t really the way to live your life.


Not since Jack sold his livestock for a measly number of beans have we repeatedly seen some seemingly dunderheaded decision arrive at a very unlikely, but rewarding epilogue. Though that really was an actual dunderheaded move on his part. Had that merchant been some enterprising con man Jack would have probably ended in some wretched job or existence that came to be defined by that one moronic decision to trade a money-making asset for a measly number of beans.

But again, gut feel. Apparently there’s no logic or reason behind it. It just is. Granted that simply basing a decision on that alone is stupid, there are times that even after a thorough and careful consideration of things, there’s just no reasonable frame of rational references to justify the risk of a proposed action. It’s just that instinctive thing to do it no matter how stupid or steeped in possible multiple failure it looks to a third party. Only the person and his intuition can truly comprehend it.

Capt. James T. Kirk (Star Trek: Into Darkness) said it best:

What I am about to do, it doesn’t make sense, it’s not logical, it is a gut feeling! I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I only know what I can do.

2 thoughts on “The only road

  1. I agree with you there. There have been many things that I have gone through with, just based on gut feel. The fun part of it, was that I was right, and I ended up happier. I never beat myself up for something I did, as opposed to something I opted not to do because somebody else told me it “wasn’t right”.

    Captain Kirk, oh that awesome specimen of a fictional man. 😀 Risking is always scary.

    1. Thanks! =) I’ve always been cautious of how to go about certain courses of action. Having no leverage has always been a terrifying prospect for me. But sometimes there are just things you know in your gut that you should do. It’s always a hit and miss but we can always charge that potential unpleasantness to learning something. So yeah, just f*** it and jump. LOL!

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