Got roused from a difficult sleep earlier from atonal karaoke singing somewhere in the neighborhood butchering The Cranberries’ 1994 single Zombie. Bad enough that this summer heat is cramping whatever method of sleeping during the day I could come up with (Graveyard shift is apt. Emphasis on ‘grave’.), that sudden blast of music and singing/diction that reminds one of those supermarket voice-overs looping ‘Customer service, plez.’ dashed whatever hope I had of continuing whatever marginal hours of sleep I still had.


It was a steady ‘Wit deyr tonks! Und deyr gans! Een yur hed een yur hed! Deyr steel pay-teeeng! Een yur heaad! Een yur heee-ye-ye-yead! Zom-beh! Zom-beh! Zom-beh-eh-eh!‘ And so on and so forth until someone took over the mic and proceeded to maul Nicki Minaj’s Starship.

That the entire place was totally quiet because of the observance of Good Friday made the ruckus all the more highlighted. It probably won’t be a big deal had that thing happened on a regular day set up on a backdrop of daily, regular noise of people going about their business. I posted about it in Facebook and someone brought up the issue of noise during lent. Good point. I simply answered that maybe the revelers weren’t Catholic. But I somehow doubt they were. I’m willing to bet good money those people are practicing Catholics—the kind who takes communion every week despite having their last confession during their first communion program back in their elementary years.

I was under the impression you can’t take communion unless you have passed through confession to ‘cleanse’ yourself to make you worthy of accepting the body and blood of Christ. You go to any church these days and you see people outside ‘attending’ mass; by that I mean simply standing in any spot where you can hear the voice of the priest and passing it off as ‘listening’. Nevermind if the guy was speaking in tongues and incoherent babble. You heard it, you attended.

If you’re gonna go Catholic-lite anyway, why don’t you do the rest of us pedestrians a favor and not attend mass for good? Specially ‘pious’ car owners turning major roads into parking lots to do their quasi-spiritual charade with no learning or wisdom gained from the experience.

Honesty can set you free, and hypocrisy is forever.

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