As May 9 is getting closer, expect more people to intensify their mudslinging and promotion for, and in behalf of their chosen candidates. A lot of Filipinos have made it a personal crusade to destroy the rivals of their chosen presidentiable via social media,  nevermind if said damning information wasn’t fact-checked and were assembled by a team with the credibility of well-trained con-men. Same goes for the ‘impressive track record’ of the candidates most people post on their accounts.

TV Mudslingers.
TV Mudslingers.

The swipes to supporters of rival camps are also intensifying. The “tard” suffix, which has been affixed to groups supporting rival candidates as an insult to their collective intelligence by their rivals, is also being overused these days.

Social media contacts are also engaged in their own version of mudslinging among themselves. Posting memes, articles, photos and their own snarky description that implies anyone not supporting their candidates are morons. A passive-aggressive tactic that guarantees people you’re hoping to convince and change minds are sure to hate you and the ideologies you espouse, all the more. Something which I’m apparently guilty of, as well.

But like an itchy sore that gets worse as you keep scratching on it, people just keep doing  it. And it would be interesting to observe this behavior long after the new president and administration are elected.

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