The head-scratching antics of Carlos Celdran

photo by Rappler

Sometimes I really wonder if Carlos Celdran just has too much time in his hands that he has to constantly come up with new, creative ways to amuse himself.

A week ago the notorius Manila tour guide and one-time “DAMASO” church disruptor received the overwhelming affection of BPO employees because of some Facebook rant he publicly posted denouncing the industry’s Duterte supporters as ‘ungrateful’ twats. According to him, without Mar Roxas, the skinny-Uniqlo Jeans-wearing Starbucks-gulping millennial worker in that industry won’t have a job.

Needless to say, several media outlets got wind of that post and published it much to the chagrin of the people involved. For having stirred that particular hive, Celdran got stung from all directions. He apologized immediately.

A lot of political observers joked about how the guy was secretly working for another candidate and was actually sabotaging Roxas’ efforts to acquire new followers. Of course that was said in jest, considering Celdran is a die-hard follower of the Liberal Party. But another more recent head-scratching stunt makes that assertion deserving of a second look.

This time, it involved nurses in Makati Medical Center wearing ballers endorsing the ‘very eeevil’ Duterte. As always, the venue for this new diatribe was his Facebook page; but given his status as a semi-notorious character in the Philippine socio-political landscape, he might as well have taken a megaphone and screamed at the top of his lungs while wearing his underwear in the middle of Luneta.

According to the rant:

“Makati Medical. A nurse knew who I was and STILL wore a Duterte bracelet to the booth where my friend was dying of cancer. I had to ask her to take it off. F*cking hell.”

As expected, people descended on that post, forcing him to delete it. But not before a few enterprising individuals made a screenshot of it for those a bit late into the news but still want in on the missing details. Subsequent posts justifying his rant said:

“The strong man’s values are not the values that doctors and nurses are about. Your profession is about kindness, professionalism, and healing. Not about bullying, making light of serious issues like women’s rights, rape, and national security.

Your profession is about life. Not taking it away. And when I see that baller while dealing with hate in this highly stressful, highly divisive, and violent election season. Suddenly, I feel that I am being cared for by someone that doesn’t share the same values as my father and myself.

Aren’t hospitals supposed to be apolitical? Or isn’t there a rule regarding jewelry and accessories due to sanitation? Only watch right? Makati Med. I don’t get it.”

Of course the response to this have been overwhelmingly negative. And, like the person he likes to vilify, offered a non-apology “apology”:

“In the end, my mistake was I thought grief was a good reason for me to coerce others to change their political choices. But it’s true. Emotions should never be the reason why you cast your vote. It should be reason and platforms. Thank you for the heads up. I hope emotions will never become the reason why Filipinos vote.”

You know, as far as apologies go, it’s that “I’m sorry, but no, I’m not really sorry …”-variety that sounds eerily familiar.

You can be forgiven for thinking that maybe this guy is emulating the Duterte-style of abrasiveness to endear himself to people.With just one stroke the guy went into self-destruct mode similar to what his chosen candidate single-handedly did to his own campaign everytime he opens his mouth. Maybe they should take pointers from Binay, Poe, and Santiago. Sit quietly in the corner, plot your next move, and keep the movements at a minimum lest you do something that can be used against you.

But overall, this tweet pretty much sums everything up:

One thought on “The head-scratching antics of Carlos Celdran

  1. I get it. He hated Duterte’s notorious guts (perhaps, much higher than both his ego and testosterones), but that move at MMC was such ridiculous. He isn’t a political influencer that way. he’s more of self-righteous bastard.

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