On learning new things


Having just concluded the recent Red Cross basic first-aider training sponsored by the office, I can’t help but feel a bit despondent about its finality. For someone like me with no background in any medical-related discipline, that little course that touched on some basic life-saving techniques was priceless. For one thing, I learned something new that’s totally out of the discipline I studied and overall line of interest. And it doesn’t hurt that the knowledge is very practical and useful when applied in actual emergency scenarios.

Basic CPR, bandaging techniques and various methods of transporting victims were the coverage of the entire three-day course. Looks very limited at first glance but it was more than enough; the bandaging techniques alone were already a handful. Plus the many different scenarios and methods of carrying victims—from one man, two-man, three-man carry—that were guaranteed arm-fatigue inducers and the final simulation made for a very interesting and stimulating activity and gaffe-filled session. All in good fun.

Nothing like learning something new. Now on to new things that are waiting to be discovered.

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