“Buy lang ako…”

“Watch tayo…”

“Wait lang…”

“Gets nyo?”


If you’re in Metro Manila, chances are you’ve heard those phrases at one time or another. Probably even spoke or wrote them yourself (often in a chat service like Microsoft Lync) without even thinking about it. I know I did.

And it’s totally cringe-inducing. It’s like those colegiala-speak of the deplorable Kris Aquino variety of yesteryears suddenly came back with a vengeance and took a huge bite out of our collective posteriors for mocking it.


You know, the quintessential “Hoy I’m so gutom na where are we gonna make kain ba? I wanna make punta in Aling Banang’s and make tusok-tusok the fishballs e. I’m so sawa na with kaka-burgers kase…”—stuff that populated a lot of comedies and Philippine TV sitcoms during the late 80s to mid-90s. It was great material for comedy back then; partly because it was irritating to hear in real life and partly because a lot of people actually did it in real life and are getting lampooned for it.

And for some reason an insidious form of it crept up, biding its time, hiding behind a variety of communication forms like txt speak, swardspeak, jeje speak, bpo speak, and who knows what else to come up with a new form and integrate itself to the general population without incident.

It got you before you even knew it was there. This time, it’s broken down into bite-sized morsels—exacerbated by mass media machinations like TV, local movies, and the general trend-buying sentiments of the general population.

But I’m sure linguists will simply shrug it off and comment about the progression of language and the inevitability of its evolution in tandem with the cultural and technological movements that support it. In short, as long as you understand it, there’s no big deal.

Sure. But you don’t have to like it.

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